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Claire Bossard

Masseur-Physiotherapist D.E

Breathe better as you learn breath control and relaxation techniques.

Consider massaging before you get overwhelmed because of your tension.

Improve your posture and adopt a simple « routine » of effective exercise, based on yoga and the “Mèziéres” method.

1 hour individual and personalized sessions.

Massaging the body is to massage the mind. Massage is therefore never trivial and remains an essential act of therapeutic relationship.


Global relaxing massage

The Californian massage is totally different from the classic massage, by a 3-dimension body work. Its globalist, emotional component, and its re-harmony of the body diagram make it a technique in great demand by mezierists. Osteopaths recommend it to their patient, in addition of their therapeutic treatment.

Californian massage is characterized by long, fluid and harmonious movements that sculpt and envelop the whole body in variable rhythms tinged with listening and softness. It helps people to relax and focus on themselves.

This one-hour massage, with oil, at a gentle and regular rhythm, modeled on relaxing music, gradually clears the mind and invite to body exploration.


A map of the whole body is projected onto the foot sole.

Any disruption of the body (pain, discomfort, pathology of an organ, etc…) is reflected in the corresponding area of the foot sole and manifests itself in tissue modification.

So we can relieve a multitude of pains by stimulating certain foot points.


A privileged encounter with the energies of the earth.

Born from the extreme heat of the earth’s magma and brutally cooled by sea water, polished for a long time by sea water, the stones accumulate and transmit an extraordinary force to you.

Pleasant warmth and surprising softness: impossible to tell if it is a stone or a hand that slides on the skin!